2. Methods

Research Questions

People we are surveying: 12 Secondary 1 Students, 8 Secondary 2 Students

Reason: Most gamers in SST are Secondary 1 and 2 students 

Format (Example)

20) Question
- Open/Close Ended

- Reason for asking the question

1) What type of video games do you/your friend play?

- To find out his (friend's) personality

2)When do you/your friend usually play video games?

a)After doing homework
b)Before doing homework
- To find out whether the student uses his time wisely

3)How often do you/your friend play video games?

e)Extremely often
- Open-ended
- To see what level of playing games he is at

4)How long do you/your friend play video games at each interval?

b)30 minutes
c)1 hour
d)2 hours
e)3 hours
f) More than 3 hours
- Open-ended
- To see what level of playing games he is at

5)How do you/your friend play video games? 

b)Browser games
- To help in finding the right ways to stop playing games excessively

6)What consoles/devices do you/your friend use to play video games?

- open-ended
- To to find on a device which should be focused on

7)Why do you/your friend play video games?

- open-ended
- To find out the reason that attracts people

8)Did gaming change you/your friend in any ways (positively or negatively)? If yes, please elaborate

- open-ended
-To find out the negative and positive effects from gaming

9)Where do you know of in SST that majority of students play video games in?

- open-ended
-To do extra secure the wifi near that area 

10)Where do you/your friend often play video games?

a)In school
b)At home
- closed-ended
-To see if securing the entire school wifi is needed

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