4. Conclusion

The students prefer playing games that let them "level up" or trying to win using various methods(strategy or just pure killing).
This means:
  • They could possibly be very bored and want to have some fun(shown in the results gathered from the 7th question).
  • They want to achieve in something, and gaming lets you do that. Gaming lets you feel proud of doing something.
  • They find a virtual world more enjoyable than reality.
  • They are stressed.
  • They have pride when they do something great, even though it is on a virtual world, seeing a "level 50" or having a "Penta Kill" makes you feel special within the gaming community and your friends.
There are already many students who excessively play games, meaning they range from "often" to "extremely often".
According to the results gathered, 19% play more than 3 hours of video games at each interval. This is rather serious, as they could play 3 hours at only a single interval. This can result in many serious symptoms like myopia or harming your backbone. Students would rather install the games and there are people who use their learning device to play video games. This defeats the purpose of a learning device as you are installing video games on it to game and harming yourself.
It is shown that a lot of students game at Our Space and the canteen, these will be places we may have to improve on so that there won't be students gaming at that area.

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