5. Recommendations

Innovate (an improvement) :
  • Cameras in Our Space positioned at areas where students cannot avoid being seen.
  • Make students' homework/revision more interesting/entertaining as boredom is the main reason.
  • Make students' homework more challenging as some students actually want a challenge so this may make them want to do their homework.
  • Make even more stricter rules on gaming.

Invent (a complete change):
  • Random (in depth) checks on students in OurSpace or at the canteen.
  • Add a program that monitors everything students download from anywhere and also any external drives, which will send the information downloaded to the school. It also checks your history on any web browser as some students play browser games too. This will have to be installed by all students.
  • Conduct activities for students to distress. 
  • Give them another (helpful) addiction, which will make them choose it over gaming.
  • Give them points when doing homework and let them "level up". This will be somewhat similar to an RPG. It may even be possible to add in "streaks" or "combos" for doing homework continuously and letting them earn more points, which will be similar to an FPS game too. Students will be rewarded for reaching certain "levels". This will let students be more enthusiastic over homework rather than video games.

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