1. Introduction

The New Research Justification

Research Topic: Gaming in SST

Chosen Area of Focus: An investigation of the frequency of SST students playing video games excessively and how to stop its usage.

1. Framing our research topic

Our chosen area of focus is “an investigation of the frequency of SST students playing video games excessively and how to stop its usage”. We have chosen this topic as excessively gaming of SST students can make major impacts on the student’s academics, health and social life. They will be living in a virtual world instead of reality.

a) Initially, it will begin with an activity to release stress and enjoy for a while, maybe because you're depressed or want to escape into another world for a moment. However, once you start gaming more and more excessively, it will become an addiction. You will end up wasting the time for revision or homework over gaming. You will also start to become easily angered and shout at your parents despite them telling you kindly to stop. You may also begin to skip family meetings and activities. This will wreck havoc in the family and you might ruin your family relationships. The worse part is that we are SST students and bring laptops to school daily. A few extremely addicted gamers may grab that opportunity to game in school. They may get caught and have to deal with severe punishments.

b) For the effects of gaming on your health, it can lead to dry eyes or strained vision. You will also sleep at irregular timings which will affect the times you wake up and sleep everyday. For those who have fallen even deeper into the addiction, you may even experience weight loss. A common health issue due to excessive gaming are back aches or neck aches and severe headaches.

c) There are still many good points about gaming. Some MOBA or FPS games may help you develop leadership and teamwork. Some sandbox games can help develop your creativity. Some MMORPG lets you learn that you have to work in order to achieve something, and can teach you to save up money and know what is teamwork(killing bosses together). You will be expressing your true self and can socialise better in multiplayer games. In the end, all types of games can help you release stress and lets you have some fun once in awhile.

d) If you take it to the next level (in the good points), Games that involve trading can teach you about business, you can know when the prices of items go up or down and how to earn profit. You can earn fame by achieving top levels (but honestly if you limit your time well it will almost be impossible) or the better way, by recording videos and posting it on Youtube. If you know the techniques needed, you may even end up making money by becoming a Youtube partner. You can earn money from Youtube by playing games. You don’t have to game excessively to achieve it, you can just play once a week while recording and people will still watch your videos if you know how to entertain them.

e) Some possible solutions may be limiting the time spent on games or get their parents to do constant checks so that they will be able to manage their time well.

2. Reasons for choice of topic

a) In the end, most gamers will choose to be addicted and waste their time. Even though it is actually up to the user’s responsibility, some may not be matured enough to make a proper decision or they are just confused. We can help them and let them make the right decision.
b) For the people who game much more excessively and have already made their decisions, we can change their perspective and let them realise their mistake. 
c) We will prevent people from gaming on their learning devices in school too, we will have lesser or no more students who game in school, so they won’t be severely punished.
d) There will be lesser students in our school who will fail or have a drop in their marks for their examinations. We can keep as much students as possible in each possible for every batch.
e) Students also will have lesser health problems and can keep up with their classmates. They will be less tired during lessons and can listen attentively to the teacher.
f) Students will develop better relationships with their family and classmates.

3. Feasibility of the research

a) It is possible to complete the research in time. Our topic will most likely interest SST students as it is actually a well known problem, thus our surveys will be done quickly and nicely.
b) We will be able to constantly research on this easily as there are many websites which talks about gaming, both the good and bad points.
c) Our group finds this topic rather interesting, so we will be able to do the research easily and we will not get bored of it. 
d) Our research is needed as students cannot control themselves from playing video games.

4. Manageability of the research

a) We will be able to complete it as we are interested and currently, already know a lot about the topic. We will be able to get a reasonable amount of information and complete the research.
b) Currently, the timeline for the individual parts of the research is reasonable and we will be able to follow accordingly.
c) We know that we may have some social issues during our research, but our group members know that they should not be holding grudges and make proper and civilised arguments. In fact, we decided to work together as we will be able to collaborate well and have as less social problems as possible. 
d) We may be slower but it was because we could not find certain things, but our communication is actually good and now we are more alert and can complete the tasks efficiently.

5. Accessibility of the information required

a) Information will be about the different types of games and the different types of effects each give. We combine the effects so that we know what to solve.
b) We will be conducting surveys about gaming for SST students to get the individual opinions of students.
c) There is a lot of information available on the internet about gaming, so we can research on as much relevant information as possible.


Review on the Sources

Although the sources also talk about computer addiction, we will focus mainly on gaming.

a) Web Link:

This website shows the different types of computer addiction(including games). It shows that unhealthy computer usage is due to stress, depression or trying to escape into the cyberworld (and other things but they are not related to gaming). It also shows (both physical and psychological) symptoms/consequences of excessive computer usage.

b) Web Link: 

It showed the various negative and psychological effects gaming has in real life. It has also displayed the physical effects and the reason why they are caused. The website also put up an article of people who died due to non-stop gaming, which also shows us the significance of gaming addictions if taken too far.

c) Web Link: 

Although I am not a parent that wants to stop his children from gaming, I am a student who wants to find a solution for my schoolmates to stop their excessive gaming. This website shown that there may be positive effects through use of a computer but not exactly gaming. It has also gave me ideas on a few solutions to prevent gaming addiction, which will help me later on.

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